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Spiritual ReWilding


Are you here because you are searching for answers? You're wanting to reassemble the pieces that have never made any sense? You need someone to gently guide you home to yourself and show you the key to unlocking your true soul purpose?

I've been walking the path of awakening my entire life. As a child I could see, feel and sense energy around people and plants. I could see people who had passed on and feel the land and buildings in which these energies had resided and understand their story. I would naturally astral travel and my imagination was my happy place. I could read the energy around someone in their field like a book and see through into their soul essence. Light language was second nature and turning into the higher dimensional frequencies came as naturally as breathing.

I have always been a seeker and knew there was this divine Intelligence that was guiding me be but I could never understand how all the parts fit together. It felt like it alluded me and like this well guarded secret. My adulthood has been a journey of coming home to myself and unlocking the doors to my ancient wisdom.

Navigating a 3D matrix is very challenging for a someone who feels like they don't fit in and belong...that's because you are a Starseed a Divine Being of Light who has been placed here to Awaken yourself and humanity from their slumber.

Spiritual ReWilding is a process I guide you though that tunes you into the rhythm and abilities you were naturally born with but got programmed out of you via external sources. 

Social conditioning, parental misguidance, ancestral trauma, past life trauma, holographic imprints and a long list of potential obstacles that have impeded your connection with Source Energy/God/Universal Intelligence or whatever you identify with. 

Spiritual ReWilding is a process I have developed through my personal journey where I wish I had someone to show me the key to unlocking the doors to my own inner Wisdom to transform my life and follow my true spiritual purpose.

I work 1:1 with women only and I gently guide you through this process meeting you exactly where you are. We have our initial session, then we create a blueprint for you based upon your needs. Our time together can range from 1 session through to a 12 month mentorship.

When you book your appointment I send you a form to fill in that asks you a series of questions so I know where you at and the best way I can serve you. 

We all have gifts that is our medicine for humanity and only some of us are courageous enough to awaken them...Are you ready?


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