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Sacred Nectar ~ Opulent Mystic Moisturiser Ritual - How to Use Me

Apply a drop to the palm of your hands, rub them together to activate the aroma, hold them just over your face. Breathe in deeply the aromatic oils, set the intention to receive the support & answers you presently need from your higher self & universal intelligence. Your mantra is I AM DIVINELY PROTECTED, ALWAYS pause, listen & simply allow whatever needs to come through.

Mist your face with the Wisdom Mist until it is completely dampened then warm a pearl sized amount between your fingers, hold your hands up to your face & breathe in deeply. Gently massage into your skin in upward-outward sweeps, bringing special attention to your eye area with a rolling pressing motion to further activate ingredients & enhance penetration. 

For ultimate results & transformation 

Use the Wisdom Mist > Illumination Serum > Wisdom Mist > Sacred Moisturiser for daily ultra hydration.

Blend with a few drops of the Illumination Serum with the Sacred Moisturiser 

Blend a hazelnut sized amount with the pre-mixed Reincarnation exfoliant & mask for a power packed vitamin infusion masque.

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