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Golden Portal Balm Ritual

This is your moment to pause, breathe deeply & be present. Be here now with your entire being. Inhale, with your hands over your womb space & as you exhale your Mantra is ~ I AM SAFE IN MY BODY repeat 

To Cleanse: 

Prepare your skin with a warm facial cloth compressed over your face & neck. Massage a hazelnut-sized piece into your skin in upward outward movements, making sure to focus on areas of concern & heavy makeup. Wet your fingertips or with a generous spray of the Wisdom Mist to emulsify the oil into a soft creamier consistency massage again then remove with a warm facial compress.

To Moisturise: 

After misting your skin with the Wisdom Mist apply a pea-sized amount onto warm clean hands & emulsify for a moment until it has melted into a liquid oil. Massage over your face, neck & decolletage.

For ultimate results and transformation: 

Combine a blueberry sized amount with the Reincarnation exfoliant & mask for a deeply nourishing skin treatment.

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