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Crystal Essences


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Ora by Heidi skincare range is 'charged and embedded' with my unique essences using precious gemstones, powerful crystals, flower essences, reiki and light codes. The synergy between ceremony, ancient healing techniques, modern formulations, healing skin rituals and in salon treatments is what makes Ora by Heidi completely unique.


What are Crystal Essences?

Our own bodies are made up of mostly water and minerals, so it's only natural to think that we are intrinsically connected to the world of minerals and crystals. Every crystal has a different vibration, a different healing energy that works with our own chemistry to help restore our bodies to their highest potential. I hand select each and every gemstone and crystal that goes into my products for their beauty, energetic resonance and healing properties.


Combining ceremony with science

I infuse the crystals into New Zealand spring water sourced from a mountain near my home to create my high vibrational essence that are used in my skincare range that capture the crystal meaning and healing properties. Crystal Essence offers your skin revitalization similar to taking a mineral springs soak. Mineral springs as well as gem elixirs have been used for centuries for both internal and external healing.
The mineral and high vibrational properties of these gemstones and crystals regenerate your skin. Because your skin is a porous organ these essences are also absorbed into your bloodstream, healing your physical body and balancing your energy body. Your skin will glow, and you will feel radiant inside and out!  Crystal Essences work to stabilize and balance your energy field, chakras and energy centers within your body. Think of Crystal essences like juicing with crystals—you are extracting their healing energies and properties, like the nutrients from fruits and vegetables, so that they can heal your body from within and transform your energy body back into equilibrium.


Why is this important when it comes to our skin care?

Well, when we're at our happiest and healthiest, it's reflected on the outside. We look our best, our skin and soul glows, we are in equilibrium and our inner radiance shines out.

Crystals hold energy that although unseen, is felt. They have a special talent for picking up other vibrations from their surroundings. So to be sure you’re receiving an intentional product that will have a positive effect on you and your skin, it’s important to know and trust your sources.

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