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Ora Wellbeing Skincare


 Ora Wellbeing's range of self love rituals and sacred skincare are made with the intention to create a new paradigm in self care. With the use of Gemstone & Flower essences combined with native New Zealand extracts, organic & natural botanical ingredients and infused with Reiki each micro batch is hand blended with love and respect to Mother Earth

    We are the first in New Zealand to be able to utilize the phenomenal healing powers of the First Light® Flower Essences of New Zealand in a skincare range. The most complete range of Flower Essences on earth. 

    • Gemstone Essences from Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and more
    • First Light® Flower Essences from Star Lily, King Fern, Kauri and more
    • Organic & natural botanical ingredients
    • Native New Zealand extracts
    • Created with positive energetic intention
    • Chemical + Toxin Free
    • Cruelty Free
    • GMO Free

      Established in 2013 after working 15 years in the beauty & spa industry, Heidi saw the need for a truly holistic skincare range that not only treated the physical body but the emotional and energy systems as well. Everything is interconnected as we are made up of pure light energy at our core level, Ora Wellbeing holistic skincare was created to work at that core level and not just topically.

      Our exquisite skincare products are formulated in our purpose built blending studio in the pristine environment of the South Island of New Zealand. They support, nourish and protect your entire system and your body from head to toe. Each product is infused with energy medicine and positive intentions to increase their intended use and its therapeutic benefits. They are sourced and created with a low Eco footprint in mind.

      We offer the highest vibrational products by using only the highest quality ingredients that are pure and natural, organic and nutritionally beneficial for your skin and energy. Never ever tested on animals only our "human guinea pigs" and always GMO-free, toxin and chemical free for your safety and health and we choose to use only amber glass recyclable packaging for preservation, beauty and ethics.


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